As Flynn sees it

this will be easier once we are a party

Flynn was happily gambling away on his boat, winning too, when a large man in a top hat held him over a barrel. This is a rather poor position to be gambling from, and though Flynn tried to reason with the mustached brute, he simply had no culture. The top hatted man had somehow used this lack of culture to appeal to Flynn’s crew, as they all turned against him as well.
This unfortunate turn left Flynn without his ship, without his Dithers (his manservant), and without his princess (his dog), but drifting along in a rowboat towards Nightholme. While drifting Flynn saw some hair and thought he smelled something nice, but no, it was a creepy eight year old girl. Flynn sought to put her back where she belonged, in Davy Jones’ locker, but the girl had tuberculosis and coughed up her lung before she would go below again. Flynn sought advice from the crickets, but the girl was suddenly incorporeal and behind him. Flynn was not okay with this. She said some words, but Flynn has no idea what they were. Creepy 8 year old girls without pupils floating around are not okay.
At long last Flynn reached the docks, and met with his old friend, Stevio, who suddenly asked a lot of questions. Things got bad, and Flynn ended up wanted by the guards and swimming down the vein, losing his armor in the process. All went exactly according to plan, as Flynn found a ship selling clothing with a beautiful Elven lady as proctor. He took a suit of clothing that he felt disguised him as a Botany teacher from Blackwater, all of her money, and well… he took the lady herself for good measure. Where did he take these things? Gambling, of course. They headed straight for the Clot in the vein.
Once inside, Flynn lost his wife, but won approximately 21 gold from some drunk sods, before being invited to see an ex-transvestite turned behemoth in the back, who informed Flynn to seek answers in the Menagerie. Flynn headed that way, after using some of his winnings to gain the armor he lost while swimming.
The Menagerie was a nice enough place, with some lovely birds, but most interesting Flynn discovered some vials of a potion that apparently eased the pain of those with the plague. Some sniveling cleric by the name of Talos didn’t like that this stuff had been discovered by a Botanist… so Flynn stole it.
Afterwards, Flynn made his way to Sunlight Square, where a large ceremony was to be taking place. He climbed a tree to get a good vantage point, and saw the man in the top hat, but the dastardly scoundrel lost Flynn in the crowd … and left Flynn in the middle of a stage. Flynn began to do the only thing he knew to do. He danced.
Whilst dancing, the living version of the creepy 8 year old girl, only much older, appeared. She fell to the ground and convulsed. What a way to ruin a dance.


ElectricSweater gilesgonnsen

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