The Prince's Beginning

After the fight against the rams The Prince finally gains a second to try to piece together the events of last night. As he retraces his encounter with the 8 year old girl (whom ask The Prince to free her) on a white horse, who had eyes without pupils and a owl which landed open his arm, he finds no trace that this was nothing more than a dream besides the necklace of white metal that hangs around his neck. While retracing he runs across his old friend Meltion whom tells him the only man in town with a horse is a Lord Raffio. The Prince decides to try to ask his old time friend Vilen if he know the metal and perhaps the crafter of his Key around his neck.

As he enters Vilen is currently talking to a gentleman, but seems that Vilen breaks off the conversation when The Prince comes in. The Prince asks Vilen if he knows of anything about the Key. Vilen tells him that the metal is unknown but the crafter is definitely a dwarf. Upon seeing the Key the gentleman pulls out a music box with an owl across it made of the same metal. It would seem that this gentleman was looking to find out more about the metal as well. After finding no answers The Prince decides to investigate the horse lead and decides to ask his biggest fan Chuck Finely at the bookstore The Drowsy Poet.

The Prince finds The Drowsy Poet unmanned at first but hears someone frantically speaking in the back. He sees the owner Gunther over a table with a dead raven. Gunther pours a mixture on the bird and it would appear as if it’s soul had risen out of it’s body as well as 4 other souls of birds came out of the walls. The prince then tries to smash the dead body but ends up only breaking the table. Gunther then takes another vial and throws it to The Prince and tells him to put it on his sword. The Prince and Gunther make quick work of the dead ravens after that. Gunther than says that his mixture is all wrong and starts ranting like a lunatic about help the girl, which the prince finds out is the same from the other night. Gunther than tells the prince that horrible things are going to happen and he needs someone to get more birds for him so he can try to perfect his formula for whatever is about to happen. The prince agrees to run this errand for 50 books. The Prince then is in search of the menagerie.

The prince enters the Menagerie and finds it full of customer’s and asks to see the man that had made a deal with Gunther. The name escaped him but sure to remember the face if need be. The man task The Prince into the back room and hands him a sack with 3 birds in it and asks The Prince to leave the shop without alerting the other owner about this deal. He returns with the birds and Gunther then tells him worse news that the event he has feared will take place at the ceremony that day. The strike up the deal that the shop will pay 10% of it’s profits to The Prince in trying to buy his freedom. While The Prince had time before the ceremony he grab his 50 books and brought them back to his room in the arena and then headed towards the Sunlight Garden.

The Sunlight Garden was full of people for the ceremony and The Prince was content to just watch the ceremony until he notice a women that appears to be a part of the House Scourne and she reminds him of someone. As he gets closer to her he realizes that she looks like the girl from the other night, but older and with eyes with pupils. She seems to look at a dancer and goes and falls to the ground and begins to flop around. Then the wind picks up in a horrifying gust that should never happen this deep inside the caves. It would seem like the Gladiator is in store for his biggest fight yet…


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