Errol Flynn



1. Where did you come from? Are you native to Nightholme, or did you come to the city by some other means?
Captain Flynn comes from an area in your world where Humans and Elves are known to mix, but not a large city. More of a backwater trading post, and areas of the world where rules aren’t written down, and laws are known by custom, not by any guided authority. Specifically, the trading post was known as Blackwater. A river runs through Blackwater, and a fair share of travelers come and go, but there are a lot that have settled this post and made it home. There are houses in the trees and houses on the ground, a true mixture of human and Elven culture. There are even some gnomes and halflings that have settled here, but by some I mean one or two. They are welcome like everyone else, so long as they learn to play by the unwritten rules.
To venture out into the forest very far from the Blackwater trading post is to ask for trouble. This post protects itself, and travel is done along the river. There has been talk of one day establishing a land road to … somewhere, but it seems to be mostly idle talk. Only the bravest ever attempt to leave Blackwater by foot.
The water is black because of a black sludge that flows into the river just south of the trading post. (the trading post is located North of the sludge to make sure the water is potable) There are lots of rumors and stories about the source of the sludge, be it runoff from a volcano, a hidden dwarven mine, or just loads of troll shit.
Young Errol Flynn was friends with several other half elves, and when a trading ship with a bunch of adventurous gnomes was passing through, he and five friends joined and sailed south to Nightholme. They swabbed the deck and peeled the potatoes, and saw many a great sight traveling through the country as river traders.

2. What made you become a gladiator/spy/bard etc. Did you always have a passion – or did some specific event change your path.

Upon reaching Nightholme one fateful time, the gate to the city was closed and there was a huge backlog of ships. Search parties were coming aboard each ship and were taking many prisoner. Violence and rioting broke out, and their small ship was an easy target. A nearby ship seemed to be in complete disarray, and Flynn seized the opportunity. He led his friends and jumped on board the other ship. Arrows began to fly. Pure survival instinct made him take command of the other ship, turn it around and sail it back up river. When he stopped to look around, it was only then that he realized he was the only one who made it.

3. Tell me a secret.

Flynn’s best friend and lover, Keawa, had been one of the other half Elves working the boat. He had saved his money and purchased an engagement ring. He was going to propose in the one daylight hour in Nightholme, but never got the chance. He still carries the ring with him, in the vain hopes that somehow she made it out alive.


1. What is your favorite place in the city? Where do you spend your time when you have your dithers?

Flynn’s favorite place in the City was a park square in the richer part of town, Sunlight Square. It is designed to perfectly receive the sunlight and create a beautiful display of light and water from the fountain in the center for the one daylight hour. You come to this section of town in your best clothes and outfits (or at least you did, maybe it has been run down since Flynn last visited Sunlight Square). It was here that Flynn was going to propose. Beautiful plants and park benches surround the square, exotic breeds of flora that only need one hour of sunlight, created by some of the elite horticulturists of the city for the exact purposes of decorating this square. No one dare pick a flower or remove a plant, for the horticulturalists also bred the plants with some dangerous poisons that trigger as soon as the plant leaves the sunlight. Beautiful by day, lethal by night. Many a young lover have tried to sneak a flower from the Sunlight Square, only to emerge a pile of ooze and pus on their intended’s doorstep.

Nowadays however, Flynn and his manservant, Dithers, like to spend their time gambling at any of the local pubs, gambling halls, or even that new ship that just opened up recently.

2. How do you make a living? Is it through your class, or through some other means?

Flynn is a River Trader. He is not afraid to carry illegal goods, illegal people, or illegal people’s illegal goods. He is very afraid, however, of magic and of things he cannot see. This is why he keeps Dithers around. Dithers is a witchdoctor of sorts, (Oracle? Witch?) who is rumored to have swam across the coral reefs collecting all his magical objects and powers from the shallow waters there. He may have used a canoe, but it makes for a far less interesting story. He also may have picked items up that washed ashore along the beach, but again, witchdoctors need compelling stories. Flynn seems to embellish it a little more each time he tells it. Next time, he might have been swallowed by an electric eel….
When not shipping or smuggling some goods, Flynn is known to lie, cheat, gamble, or steal his way into money. He usually tries to make sure that the victim of these crimes in some way deserves it. Flynn will not rob the innocent. Flynn once even saved a puppy from a burning ship, but to hear Flynn tell the story, he thought the dog was a beautiful wench. While this passes for truth among sailors, those with a slightly sharper intellect know that Flynn has a heart.
The dog is now named princess and wears a tutu around the ship. She is in fact, the closest thing Flynn currently has to a wench, as she fetches him what he needs, gives him drunken kisses and gratefully shares the bed when there isn’t another woman.

3. When you aren’t working, how do you spend your time? What are your hobbies?
Flynn loves the art of the stately dance. Once per day, he has his flute player and drummer strike up a courtly tune, and all the sailor’s will dance. Bets are taken on who gets to lead and who gets to follow on any given day. Newer crew members usually end up bitch. Flynn finally decided he wanted a female dance partner, which is when he acquired that first mate of his (that was taken prisoner upon his entrance to Nightholme). Maybe one day he will see Kaewa again and he will be able to dance with her. It also is a nice way to disguise himself as a noble when it suits him, or to impress the ladies he brings aboard. It also is amusing to watch his sailors dance with one another. And they need some culture dammit.
In his constant quest for culture, Flynn also has “story hour” on board his ship, “arts and crafts,” “chorus” and even “knitting circles.” Flynn wishes to know all there is to know about high society, and attempts to emulate it on his ship. Notably absent from the courses are “finance,” “cooking” and “sailing.”

4. Are you a religious person?

Flynn acknowledges the gods and their existence. He has seen too much not to. On his ship he has a small shrine to the Goddess of the Sea, but his reverence is that of a sailor’s. He views this goddess as a really hot lady out on the ocean somewhere that he’d really like to sleep with, and also is really afraid of getting her angry because he knows she can sink his ship. But on his ship he carries around a really nice pair of shoes that he is prepared to give her. But it should be known that any time he has a beautiful lady in his cabin, he puts these shoes on her, just in case she might be the Goddess.

He has a separate pair of shoes, dress, necklace, and tiara that he is saving for Kaewa, should he ever see her again, so that ought to put his reverence to the Gods vs. his reverence to Kaewa in some perspective.

Also, Flynn now believes in the magical divining properties of crickets. Whenever Flynn spots a cricket, he is sure to consult it for advice. Crickets, Flynn reasons, are the land gods communication device with humans. You just have to learn how to read the chirps.


1. What is your greatest ambition? What do you want more than anything else?
Inwardly, Flynn travels in hopes of finding Kaewa and proposing marriage to her, though it has been over 40 years.

But along the way, Flynn would like a big ship, lots of money and lots of whores. And lots of culture. Maybe a castle. And servants. Who bring him toast. And grapes. Maybe they even toast the grapes. No, that’s gross. Scratch the toasted grapes. But a big pig on a spit.

Given that Flynn is currently without his ship, his Dithers, or his Princess, his first priority is getting those things back. His second priority is revenge. Then he’ll focus on the greater ambitions. To recap the story; Flynn accepted a shipment of drug and was going to deliver payment to a group in Nightholme. He delivered the drug and got the payment, but on his way back to Nightholme got in a bit of gambling and lost his ship, his money, his Dithers and his Princess. He arrives in Nightholme in a small rowboat wrapped in his flag with only his most basic gear (and his ring for Kaewa) and in massive debt, right at the feet of his creditors.

2. If you could have any magic item – what would it be?
A crystal ball telling his the location of his Kaewa. Other than that, Dithers is around to handle all magic so Flynn doesn’t have to. Flynn is afraid of magic, and will run. Run I tell you, run! From any sign of magic.

3. What is your greatest fear?
Magic. Unless it is coming from Dithers, Flynn is afraid of magic.

More on Flynn becoming a Captain; After Flynn stole a ship and sailed away from the closed gates to Nightholme (back up North) he was paranoid and afraid of the patrols in the caverns. He deliberately piloted the ship away from any patrols in the caverns, taking to the ship with a seemingly natural talent. It was as the ship were directing itself. However, Flynn did not posses the same talent for navigation and soon became hopelessly lost in the twists and turns of the underground. After what seemed like days, Flynn was certain he had lost all the patrols, and finally let go of the helm. He had not slept, nor eaten. Fear and adrenaline had kept him glued to the helm. Now at last, Flynn explored the ship. He found the stores of food and gorged himself. He found the Captain’s quarters, and since no one else was aboard, he made them his own collapsing on the bed and sleeping dreamless. As he drifted, Flynn made himself familiar with the ins and outs of the ship; it was huge, beautiful, and foreboding. The mast itself was carved with all manner of intricate designs depicting a mermaid goddess of sorts. This same mermaid figure was the figurehead of the ship, and was found again and again in the ship’s architecture. Flynn continued exploring until one day he made a shocking discovery. Secret compartments. This ship was carrying weapons, lots of them. Flynn had no idea who the delivery was intended for, but a shipment this large could not have been legal. Flynn suddenly realized he was aboard a pirate ship. No wonder all of the occupants had abandoned the ship when the portcullis had been lowered. Even though Flynn had sailed for days avoiding discovery, he feared being caught with a ship full of weapons. He threw them all overboard. He almost immediately regretted that decision, dropped anchor, and went in after the weapons. Flynn saw the glimmer of a sword and made for it. As his hand clasped the sword, something grabbed his ankle. Flynn jerked and swung around with the sword in the water, attempting to hack at whatever had him. Something was alive in these waters. The sword broke on whatever had his ankle and began pulling him down. Flynn’s arms flailed about searching for anything. They found a chain. The anchor chain for the boat. Using all his might, Flynn pulled himself up the chain, and out of the water, a large tentacle wrapped around his leg. Flynn reached for a torch on the side of the boat and let the fire lick the tentacle. It retracted. Flynn would never again enter the waters without a boat. Looking for a weapon to defend himself, Flynn again turned to the Captain’s Quarters. He found a rapier in a scabbard that had a sharpened edge, and took those for himself. He set up a dummy and began practicing swordplay as he drifted along the river in the torchlight. It was impossible to tell how much time had passed, since there was no day and no night. Flynn attempted to use his digestive system as a means to tell time, since he had no other method. Flynn also knew that a supply of oil would last roughly 8 hours in a lantern, so he marked the number of times he refilled the lanterns. This ship, apparently accustomed to long travels through the caverns, was well stocked with torches and oil. Based on Flynn’s calculations, he had been drifting for two months. He would read the books aboard the ship or practice with his sword. He found a deck of cards and would practice shuffling them, flipping them, anything he could think of to keep from being bored. While this ship was nice, adorned with many rooms, cabins, compartments and all manner of toys and culture, Flynn was lonely. One fateful day, Flynn awoke from his sleep with a start. The ship had struck something. The first thing he noticed was that the ship had ceased rocking. He had run aground. Also, a light not from the torches was streaming in through his window. Something was out there. Flynn listened, but heard nothing. He grabbed his rapier, and made for the door, but then thought better of it. He needed to look impressive. He opened the captain’s wardrobe and found a crimson red captain’s outfit. Flynn dressed himself in it (it was slightly too large, probably made for a human, but it fit well enough) took a lantern in one hand and ventured above deck. He was in a cavern that seemed to light itself up, for it was bathed in a greenish glow. The first thing Flynn noticed was the riches. Along the shore in the cavern was piled untold gold and riches. Pearls, rubies, diamonds, robes, crowns, furniture, carpets, just piled up haphazardly on the shore. In the back of the cavern there seemed to be an entrance to a cave, or at least an extension to this one, except one would have to proceed on foot. Above the entrance to this passageway a mermaid goddess had been carved. Flynn noticed it was the exact same carving that was on his ship. He took a step closer, but tripped on his pants which were too long. He would have to fix that somehow. Flynn dropped the anchor and carefully made his way ashore. Flynn scouted the area and confirmed he was alone in the cavern. Alone except for the skeletons. There lay a skeleton draped in pearls and other riches on the beach. Another pair sat over some cups and dice. Flynn was unsure of his fortune. He was rich beyond his wildest dreams, but he was also lost beyond all comprehension. He hiked his pants up to step further, but it felt odd. He looked down. The pants fit perfectly. He checked his shirt and coat. They seemed to fit him perfectly. He looked back at the ship with the mermaid figurehead. She seemed to glare at him. This ship and this cavern were connected somehow. Helming the ship had been surprisingly easy. Had the ship brought him here to die? Was he now the ship’s Captain? Was the ship cursed? And by extension, was Flynn cursed? Flynn had heard of magic, but never experienced it. If this was it, he didn’t like it. Looking around the cavern, Flynn found a map. It seemed to detail with some intricacy the entire underground of the Frostquill Mountain range. This meant that clearly someone had left this cavern before. What wasn’t on the map was the cave and the path on foot. Flynn didn’t like the idea of getting aboard the ship again, but he liked the idea of venturing into the cave even less. He couldn’t stay here, he would starve, like the poor bastards playing dice. Back on the ship with a map, Flynn attempted to raise the anchor. But it wouldn’t budge. It must be stuck. Flynn knew better than to dive in the water again, so he attempted to unfasten the chain, to no avail. No matter how hard Flynn pulled, the anchor would not rise. With no option and dwindling supplies of food, Flynn decided to make his way down the tunnel in the cavern. Rapier drawn, Flynn carefully plodded into the tunnel beneath the mermaid carving. Terrible, horrendous carvings and etchings adorned the walls, along with warnings to turn back. Flynn kept moving forward. Sounds, strange sounds came out of the walls. Shrieks and moans, and yet Flynn kept his will about him. The tunnel led, surprisingly, to another underground chamber with a large lake in the center. Flora covered the room. This room looked much more alive than the other one. A blue light bathed the room, and the waters looked different, less foreboding. He got closer, and found the waters were surprisingly clear. He tested the water with one hand, it was clean, potable. He drank, timidly at first, and then voraciously. Without warning, a mermaid surfaced, scaring Flynn so that he fell into the underground lagoon. The mermaid laughed and helped him out of the water. Flynn sputtered and spitted. “Back! Back! I will have at thee!” The mermaid giggled. “The latest Captain of Her Majesty’s Galleon is rather young.” “Captain? Oh yes, that’s me, Captain Flynn! And uh, I order you to – uh – do something ….” “You boys don’t usually make it back into this room, I’ve been lonely for many years.” “We, uh, we don’t?” “You usually sail right out, or get scared in the tunnel.” “Well, you see, I am rather brave. And also, I couldn’t raise the anchor to leave.” The mermaid seemed especially intrigued at this. “So gold and riches don’t matter to you?” “Of course they do! I’m a pirate! Gold and riches – uh, why do you ask?” “In order to sail you must gather the riches placed on the shore by Her Majesty. Only then will the boat leave the cavern.” Flynn considered this. “So in order to get out of here, all I have to do is take the treasure with me? Right, I’m on it.” “Wait!” Said the young mermaid. “There is a price. If you sail with the treasure, you belong to Her Majesty.” “There’s always a catch, isn’t there?” “There is another way.” Said the mermaid. “You could leave with me.” “With you? I don’t exactly breathe underwater. And who is Her Majesty? She doesn’t sound so bad, if she’s just giving away free treasure.” The mermaid looked sad. “That’s what they all reason.” “Who is they all?” “All the Captains of Her Majesty’s Galleon before you.” “What happens to them?” “Didn’t you kill the last one?” “No, he was killed in a firefight. I just took the boat trying to get out alive.” “Interesting. Typically they sail out thinking they’ll last, but they are always killed …. " Just then the room began to rumble. “What’s happening?” asked Flynn. “I’ve said too much! Her Majesty, she knows! Quickly, make up your mind!” Flynn got up and ran to the exit. “I’ll be right back!” he shouted. Flynn wasn’t sure why, but he trusted the mermaid. He ran through the tunnel, the shrieks and moans more violent than before. When he reached the first cavern, the mermaid on the ship seemed to be glowing red, as if she were angry. Flynn’s suit began to constrict him, and he struggled to take it off. He could not. He scrambled aboard the ship and grabbed the map and then ran to the Captain’s quarters to grab Kaewa’s ring. With these two things in hand he ran as fast as he could back to the shore and through the tunnel again. The ground beneath him was shaking, and the walls were shouting. He found the suit tightening around him and it was difficult to breathe. When he reached the other chamber he collapsed and grabbed his neck. The mermaid lept out of the water and pulled Flynn in. With surprisingly sharp teeth she cut the outfit off of him and pulled him under water. Flynn clutched the ring in his hand and felt himself pulled down by the mermaid. In his other hand he held onto the map, but he felt it slip away, out of his grip. His rapier … he didn’t know where that was. He occasionally felt lips pressing against his, breathing air into his lungs. He fell in and out of consciousness as he was dragged by the beautiful young mermaid. Fish swan by his vision, bright and colorful, very tropical in nature. Flynn did not know how long he was underwater, under the care and protection of the mermaid. But at last he felt sunlight on his skin, and heard the crashing of waves against the beach. He opened his eyes, and saw the mermaid smiling above him. “You are the first to go against the will of Her Majesty. Your decision allowed me to escape, you have given me my freedom, and indeed, I have given you yours.” “So we’re even,” Flynn said semi-consciously. “I now present you with another choice. It will not be long before Her Majesty imprisons another young mermaid in that cavern and leaves her at the mercy of greedy sailors. You and I, we could be married and take on Her Majesty, and together we could rule the seas with Justice and Fairness. I would make you a merman.” “Or?” “Or I’ll leave you on this island, with a rowboat, and my gratitude.” “I’ll take the boat.” Though the mermaid was wet, Flynn thought he could make out tears in her eyes. “Very well.” She leaned down and kissed him (this time drawing a bit of blood with her sharp teeth) flipped into the waves, and was gone. Flynn pulled himself up, naked, out of the sand. His rapier and scabbard had been tossed on the beach, and he said a silent thank you to the mermaid. A boat was tied to a piece of driftwood and was being tossed around in the waves. Flynn was marooned on a tropical island, naked except for a sword and rowboat, and the knowledge that somewhere, beneath the Frostquill mountains, lay a chamber with a brilliant Galleon and untold amounts of treasure.

Errol Flynn

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