Fat ugly dude


Owner of the Clot and master of secrets. She has revealed that Kaewa is alive and working with Order of the Shadow’s edge. Knows that Flynn has Patrion Scourne‘s eye. And is now has Anya Scourne’s diary for the cure to shackles.


Jessup was once a feared captain on her beloved ship the Clot. It was named such for the wreckage that it left whilst it plundered was said to clot the Vein. The Clot was inside the harbor of Nightholme 25 years ago when the gates were shut. The enemies of Jessup and the Clot had grown and now that the ship was stuck was the perfect chance to strike. They loaded up explosives and blew up the surrounding cliffs to cause the Clot to be stuck in the vein. The Captains of the were able to convince Torick Scourne that it was a mutiny and that they pledge to help search for his daughter if he only executed the men responsible. Jessup was unwilling to leave her ship and never has. She has sworn revenge on those who have wronged her and waits to learn the secrets to their downfall.


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