Flynn's long lost love


Kaewa is from Blackwater, a small town in Northcountry, the same small town of Errol Flynn.

Kaewa is a full elf, but befriended Errol anyway despite his half-breed status.

Kaewa and Errol joined up with a traveling group of adventuring gnomes sailing South for Farenz and later for Nightholme. While in Farenz, Kaewa and Errol met up with a young monk by the name of Snake.

When the traveling adventurers reached the gates of Nightholme, they found the gates mysteriously closed. It wasn’t long before a riot broke out among the stalled ships and looters began picking off the smaller vessels. Kaewa was on one of the first of the vessels to be attacked. She saw Flynn motion to her to follow, he had found another ship which was miraculously pointed in the other direction. She made to follow, when something hit the back of her head and everything went black …

25 years go by

Kaewa is now known to work with the Order of the Shadow’s Edge, and with the craftsmen. Flynn is determined to find her.



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