Durlock the Swoller

A gigantic admantine bastard sword

weapon (melee)

Large Size 2d8 Critical Range 19-20 12lbs. Ignores Hardness less than 20.
Huge Size 3d8 Critical Range 19-20 24lbs. Ignores Hardness less than 20.


There are many myths that go with this sword.
*Some say that it was forge by dragon breath.
*Others say that the smith whom horged it used over a thousand hammers and 100 anvils for the sword thursted for metal and consumed it.
*It is a devil’s sword and can consume the souls of those it kills (even the souls of objects).
*Some say the metal it was forged with is that of a fallen star.
*there are those who believe that with each swing the attacker loses a day off of his life.
*There are some believe that the blade will cut that which can’t be seen or touched.
*Those who seek knowledge believe that the sword appears and disappears out of history and has been in ever major fight since the dawn of time.
*Some say he who weilds the blade is the servant of death and as long as he does his binding is immortal.

This rummors are just those left since it was last realsed into the world. Weither or not any of this is true known can say. All that is known that when the rightful owner don’s the weapon there will be no doubt it is theirs and theirs alone.

Durlock the Swoller

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