Anya Scourne

Sister to Ena. Anya disappeared mysteriously twenty-five years earlier, during the previous Gossamer festival at the age of thirteen. Her disappearance has haunted Torick for years, forcing him to relive the day of the disappearance every night in his dreams.

Before the disappearance

Anya was a typical, happy little girl. She was exceptionally bright, charming, and set to become the first female Scourne heir until her disappearance shocked all of Nightholme. The repercussions of that event are still remembered by many of the townsfolk.

Anya was kind and nurturing, especially with her frail sister. As a child, she loved playing with the dollhouse her uncle bought her, and riding her horse around the manor grounds. In the years before her disappearance, Anya had taken a strong interest in the church, and many had thought that she might succeed Patrion as the spiritual leader of Nightholme.

the disappearance

Torrick revealed the following to the characters during their banquet (truncated from conversation)

Last Gossamer festival was 25 years ago
bq). strange occurrences
bq). family tragedy
bq). closing of the gates
bq). Ena had a twin sister named Anya
bq). ena was always frail, and prone to fits like the one in sunlight square
bq). she and her sister were always close, Anya looked after her
bq). Anya was adventurous and outspoken, but also pious.
bq). Anya was to be inducted into the church of the gossamer and some said she would succeed Patrion as religious leader.
bq). Leading up to her induction
bq). Anya became strange and withdrawn, like something was bothering her
bq). It seemed to most of the adults that she was nervous about her induction
bq). She was more introverted, and spent time riding alone through the orchards instead of playing with her sister or talking with me
bq). The day of the Gossamer Moon
bq). Anya shut herself in her room, and refused to see anyone but her sister ena
bq). I was very busy getting prepared for the festival and entertaining all the noble families who requested a visit for prayer and contemplation before the ceremony.
bq). I was to leave early for the ceremony in order to see to the last minute details and ensure the city watch was prepared to protect the gossamer when they made their pilgrimage.
bq). just before I was to leave Ena came to me, asking for an audience.
bq). At the time, I thought it was simply one of her anxiety attacks
bq). I put her off, and made my way to the festival grounds
bq). as far as I know, that was the last time anyone heard Ena speak
bq). I left for the festival ahead of the rest of the family and the servants, leaving behind a garrison to escort the family to the grounds
bq). At the ceremony the family members slowly trickled in bit by bit.
bq). As the time came for the ceremony to begin, only Anya had not arrived.
bq). The ceremony came and went without hide nor hair of her. When her name was called, for induction, no one came to the stage.
bq). When I arrived back at the manor, her guard unit was still there, waiting for her to arrive. They insisted she had not come through the manor gates.
bq). After the festival
bq). We tore the manor grounds apart looking for her.
bq). Her disappearance left me completely distraught – we had been so close
bq). This lead to my greatest failing as the secular leader of nightholme.
bq). The week prior to the Gossamer Moon is the only time the gates of nightholme are closed in order to protect the gossamer when they make their pilgrimage.
bq). I was so distraught over anya, and so single minded in my search for her, I refused to allow the gates to open
bq). I thought that by controlling the flow of people in and out of the city, I could find her
bq). For over a month, the gates of the city stayed closed

diary entries

The characters found Anya’s diary, and have decoded the following entries:

__I spoke with Kresh again this morning. His father came to the manor to speak with Uncle Torrick about something, and we played together in the orchard for hours. An apple fell from a tree and hit him squarely on the head and I nearly died laughing, but he just picked it up, smiled and took a bite. Then he offered it to me. It was so sweet of him, and I wanted to eat it so badly, but I’m fasting this week, so I couldn’t eat any. I hope he didn’t think me terribly rude.

__Uncle Roderick gave me two new dolls for my dollhouse today! I was so excited when he handed them to me. Can you imagine getting two at once? They are both blonde and light of complexion, and Uncle Roderick says they are supposed to me be and Ena. That must by why Lady Catna asked me for a lock of my hair last month! I showed Ena, and she said they were pretty, but she doesn’t really care about dolls as much as I do, she’s too busy with her music studies. I can’t wait to put them in my dollhouse.

__Something strange happened today. I don’t want to say too much, in case this journal is found, but I feel like things are different now somehow, though I can’t really explain it. She says I’m going to be the most beautiful Lady in Nightholme someday, and that the city will look to me to lead them. I don’t think so. That’s going to be baby Alberon’s job when he’s old enough. Anyway, I like her a lot. She showed me a new way to do my hair, and she’s right, it looks very pretty.

__She came to me again during the last Clifflight. She is nice, but I think there’s something else behind it. When she came to me in the stables, Starlight bucked and wouldn’t let me mount, which is so unlike him. I get the feeling that something is coming, and it makes me nervous.

__Her visits are more frequent now. I know she doesn’t mean me any harm, but it’s making me crazy how often she comes. I think Ena knows something is wrong too, but she is afraid to say anything. I’m afraid I may have to tell her soon, before she finds out on her own.

Anya Scourne

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