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Nightholme Geography

Nightholme is the main city of the campaign, encased on all sides by sheer cliff walls miles high. The city consists of many sub-districts with unique cultures and customs; detailed below.

Westvein : The affable western half of the city, made up of the following districts:

  • The Manor – the opulent home of the House Scourne.
  • Manor’s Gate – directly outside of the manor grounds, this is where the most wealthy and honored citizens of Nightholme live, and also home to the administrative offices of the city.
  • Westbank – a bit of a misnomer, since the district is set back from the river by a number of miles. Westbank, while not as prestigious as Manor’s Gate is home to the city’s new money, and merchant caste.
  • The Cradle – Nightholme’s temple district sits atop an outcropping, separated vertically from the city below. Each morning, citizens from all castes can be seen climbing the road to pay homage to the Order of the Gossamer.
  • Godspire – Raised above the cradle, and hidden from view by even taller walls, Godspire is the sacred restricted area of the Cradle and home to the Gossamer.

Eastvein: the impoverished eastern half of the Nightholme, made up of the following districts:

  • Hole’s Bottom – the poorest part of town. Most people would consider Hole’s Bottom to be a bad neighborhood.
  • Cindertown – the crafting and manufacturing district of Nightholme, heavily populated with Dwarves, Half-Orcs, and other sturdy specimen.

Veinside: The few districts which split the river are considered to “veinside.”

  • Nightholme South – The service district of Nightholme. This is home to the the many Guild Houses, warehouses, and processing plants in the city. While the district is technically Westvein, its industrial nature and social status cause many wealthier Nightholme citizens to classify the district as veinside.
  • Clot – Is a giant ship located in the center of the vein, known for its prostitutes, gambling, and general debauchery.
  • Market District
  • Northgate and Southgate – the two entry points to the city are militarized districts and home to Nightholme’s Guardhouses,Prison, and Justice System.

Surrounding Geography

the Vein – a huge river that serves as the only point of entry to Nightholme.
Frostquill Mountains – an Himalayan scale mountain range that runs through the center of the continent, dividing the North from the South.
the Plague Marshes – the swamps at the southern foot of the frostquills have been remonikered the Plague Marshes in reference to the many plague colonies that have sprung up since the outbreak of disease in the region.
Blackwater A small trading outpost in Northcountry.
Firenz A village just North of the Frostquil mountains, made famous by its twin bars, the Tilted Kilt and the Inverted Skirt.


Galvis – Shop owner of The Drowsy Poet and seems to be visited by the 8 year girl as well which has caused him to act like a crazy man. He was forewarned about the events at the Sunlight garden.

Kresh -Was dressed as a servant to one of the Noble houses due to his top hat. He was the last known person to have possession of Flynn’s ship.

Meltion – One of the best beast masters of Nightholme. His beasts are used in the Arena.

Lord Raffio – Is a very wealthy individual of Nightholme, one of his largest claims to this is his ownership of a horse. The horse also happens to be his Sigil as well.

Vilen – A dwarf that was once the master of the forge in Nightholme but he grew tired of his masterworks falling into the hands of those with the coin rather than those whom it was destined for. He now works out of his home in Hole’s Bottom with his daughter, but has yet sold any piece to any of those whom have come.

Malchior Steelsides – An ancient craftsman, and ancestor to Vilen Steelsides. Malchior is crafted the music box that Quinton now carries.

The Scourne Family

*Anya Scourne – Sister to Ena. Anya’s disappearance has been an unsolved mystery and a thorn in the family’s side for twenty-five years.

*Ena Scourne – Sister to Anya, Daughter to Patrion, Ena hasn’t spoken a word in twenty-five years.

*Edred Scourne – The snooty Aunt of Patrion and Torick Scourne.

*Alberon Scourne – The brash young cousin to Anya Scourne and Ena Scourne, and heir apparent to the Scourne Fortune.

*Talus Scourne – Younger brother to Alberon, and cloistered away in training to join the Gossamer Order

*Catna Scourne – A Scourne by marraige, Catna is Rodrick Scourne’s widow.

*Rodrick Scourne – the deceased husband of Catna Scourne. Son to Edred Scourne.

*Patrion Scourne – Pope of Gossamir, Brother of Torick Scourne

*Torick Scourne – Leader of House Scourne and Unofficial Leader of Nightholme

High Houses

Lower Houses




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