Malchior Steelsides

“A history of Crafting in Nightholme” from the Scourne family library has the following entry on Malchion.

Malchion Steelsides was a craftsman in Nightholme during century six. His work is considered a shining example of Nightholme’s history and culture. Known during his time as the “son of the mountain,” Steelsides was the personal craftsman of the Scourne family during his lifetime, though he was known to have accepted many commissions and pursued numerous personal projects as well. He was extremely prolific, especially during his younger years.

Though during his “dawn period”, when Malchion was a young dwarf, he is said to have crafted some of the finest weapons of his time. As he grew older, Malchion became a pacifist and refused to forge weapons. Instead his work during this period to focuses on smaller, more intricate designs. He became fascinated with locks, clocks and other pieces of mechanical design. Indeed his work during this time lead to many advances in animated mechanics as we now know them.

The reason for his turn from instruments of war is unclear. Some say that a tragedy in his family lead him to abandon his anvil. Others claim the shift was simply a natural product of aging. Still others credit his association with the Crafters of the Hearthlight Forge. Unfortunately, many of the details of his life around the time of this shift have been lost to history, and the exact reason for this sea-change may never be known.

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Malchior Steelsides

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