"the Forgedawn Notes"

A book which contains the following information:

The Crafters of the Hearthlight Forge are a group of century six craftsmen who created some of the finest work in the history of Nightholme. The collective was very exclusive, and consisted of three main members as well as their students.

Malchion Steelsides was a dwarven craftsman who specialized in weaponry early in his life, before taking an interest in clockwork and mechanics. Baccea was an elven craftswoman whose musical instruments were said to produce tones so beautiful that those who listened would see far away places as clear as day, and remember long forgotten memories as though they had just happened. The third member of the collective, Emeria Tirel was a recluse, known only by her beautiful glasswork and stonecutting.

Though Malchion and Baccea hired out their services in their early years, there was a stark shift in their approach in later years, when they receded from the spotlight. Though exact records are lost to time, they are said to have founded a workshop in a hidden location in Cindertown.

"the Forgedawn Notes"

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